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Friday, 16 March 2012

Temporary Data Storage Folder

When you have a very big amount of downloaded temporary used files, for example some documents which you just want to give to some of your friends and then delete them, some songs which you listened but didn't liked, some software setups that are updated each month but old setup files you downloaded before stays on your system and profile pictures/avatars which you change after every short time and many other types of files you downloaded for a temporary use than you will have a very big amount of unused data on your system.

Temporary Data Storage Folder is a software that creates a folder that stores temporary data that you want to store for temporary tasks.

Just right click any temporarily used file or folder and select Send To > Temporary Data Storage Folder

This program will automatically clean it when it will be terminated.
It will also notify you after a defined time limit by using balloon tips or pop-up windows to empty the temporary folder

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